Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 55

My Sunday started simple enough. I went from Chapel Hill to Raleigh to attend to some snake business, picking up a few kingsnakes that will be used in future breeding projects, and just hang out and grill some burgers with good friends. But that all changed around 1pm, when Nathan Swick texted me to tell me there was a Northern Lapwing seen in Roxboro NC. Without so much as a goodbye, I raced out of my friends house and hightailed it to Roxboro. It was about an two hours from where I was, but thanks to some speedy driving, shortcuts, and a good luck on lights, I made it there in an hour and 15 minutes. When I pulled in, I saw a group of familiar faces all with scopes pointing in the same spot, right at the distant Northern Lapwing. Jeff Pippen, Robert Meehan, Kent Fiala, Beth Garver, Nathan Swick and his son Noah (who was more interested in his matchbox cars than the rare eurasian bird), Jeff Siren, the Shultz's, and a few others I'm forgetting were all there, and we marvelled at the stunning colors and patterns of the Lapwing. After a while we were able to get better looks and photos of the bird, and Robert and I were able to observe it fly with its slow round wings, unlike any shorebird I have ever seen. Though I usually don't say things like this, I'm going to put this out here: The Northern Lapwing may have been my single most favorite bird I have ever seen.


  1. I've seen a Northern Lapwing twice here in Korea. A truly stunning bird to see. Congrats on a super rare lifer, Ali!!

  2. It really didn't strike me as so amazing until it flew at close range. The wings were so round and the beats so slow, unlike every other shorebird. It almost flew like an owl.