Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Took a little bit of a blogging hiatus, mostly since I felt it was pointless and boring to update this blog for every new migrant I found. But as of today, I sit at 251, only 101 away from the record. Most of the last 30 birds were migrants, and I still have plenty of easy birds left to get. Last weekend, I was able to get out on a real bird chase, for Brown Booby. Though the bird was sickly, it still counted for the big year, though saddening to see it struggling. Looking out for Broad-winged Hawks, Yellow-billed Cuckoos, and Worm-eating Warblers, and looking forward to finishing finals to hit up the mountians!


  1. A bit of a late comment, but where do Smooth-fronted Caimans live in South Carolina? How were they introduced? Thanks, and good luck.

    1. They aren't. In addition to birding, I work with and personally keep large constrictors, venomous snakes, and crocs. I purchased that guy from a person in SC, where they are legal to sell.

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